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Hello one and all! 


This is the first official post on my Supernatural documentary blog!

To those of you curious about this little project, you can find information about it here;

But, if there is something you want to know about the project that I’ve not covered in the about page, please, feel free to send me a message!

Below the cut, you will find the first draft of the interview questions I would like answered in my documentary. If you do choose to answer them (I’d appreciate it if you could do so via video, so I can use the footage. But, if you’d rather only record your answers in written or audio form, that’s fine too!) you can pick and choose which ones you want to answer. If you do answer any of these questions, please, don’t worry if you think you’ve said too much, too little, something silly or whatever else. Everything I receive in regards to this project will be greatly appreciated.

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Hey guys! Long time no post…

So, for my final project at uni, I’m going to be making a documentary about Supernatural fans and the fandom in general. If you’d like to take part, just take a gander at the blog. Even if you’re not a Supernatural fan or you don’t want to take part, signal boosts are greatly appreciated!

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